Echoes of four years ago

Four years ago, it was the GOP speaking of how the Democratic party was fracturing and fighting a civil war between the factions within the party.  It’s this memory that causes me concern over seeing the discussion in so many places today.

Not about the internal warfare.  That’s happening.  No, what really bothers me is the opposition talking of how ‘obviously’ the portion of the party that it finds most abhorrent is ‘going to be abandoned’.

Reality check time, Democrats.  You are not Republicans.  Do not use your value system to project where your opponents are going.  That’s a great way to get blindsided.  And don’t tell me in two years when the Dems take even more seats and maybe the presidency that I was wrong today.  I’ll just point quietly to 2004.

My point is that a significant loss causes the survivors to run through several stages.  And in a disparate organization, predicting the end result based on YOUR biases is, well, probably not smart.


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