First followup on sales results

I did my afternoon walk of Walmart and the Mall – and Best Buy.

The parking lots ranged from less than a quarter to a bit less than half full.  I’m calling it a nominal average of 1/3 full.

With the exception of some specific spots in the stores, the shelves looked like they were normally stocked for late afternoon on a shopping day – that is, there were always at least a couple of items available.  The exceptions were Walmart electronics and toys – both had definite empty spots.   But Best Buy balanced that by having (at least) two items still available that had been listed in the Black Friday Sales ad.  According to the clerk to whom I talked, they’d had well over a thousand people come through in the early hours, but one TV and one camcorder were still unpurchased.  Well, I say one.  There may have been more under the shelves, but I could SEE one of each.

I’ll follow up with parking lot checks over the next couple of weeks, but right now I’m figuring this is going to be a not-so-good season for the retailers.  Lots of lookers, but with very focused and limited purchasing.


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