Trying to start again

After a long hiatus, I’m going to try and get this rolling on a more regular basis.

Let me take this opportunity to say I’m glad the last couple of posts have been wrong.  We’re not deep in a recession, and we haven’t invaded Iran.  The bad news is that I think the recession is inevitable.   The not so bad news is that I don’t think the recession will turn into a depression – barring stupidity on the part of a whole bunch of people working against their own self-interest.

The equally not-so-bad news is that I think a shooting war with Iran is a lot less likely.  Not impossible – I still think both Bush and Cheney would prefer it, and they’re not alone.  But I think they’ve got an awful lot of people to whom the president listens who are pointing out the difficulty at this time.  Not least weighing on the president’s mind is that the people advising him to attack are the same ones who said we’d be done with Iraq in less than a year.

We’ll see.


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