Bad Framing if you’re GOP

GOP Rep Tom Price hails from not too far from here. Today, he got an editorial into the Marietta (near Atlanta) paper arguing against expanding SCHIP. He hits the big points – it makes health care belong to government instead of private business, and even more important points out that with the cap, children of families with an annual income of $82,000 would be eligible. That is around the break point for the top quartile, if memory serves. Certainly it means that the majority of folk would be going “whattaya mean the rich are getting this benefit.” That is, it would if Rep Price hadn’t shot himself in the foot.

See, in the same paragraph as the income allowed, he says, “This means 71 percent of all children in America could be placed in government-run, centralized medicine.”

So, let me get this straight. 71% of children of the US don’t have insurance? Or maybe more – after all, we’re only considering those in the bottom 3/4 of national income.

And you want to DENY them? Oh, sure, the $82,000 line “only” has about 11% without insurance, but what about the $70K income? or the $60K? or the $50K? For that matter, what about that 11%? Tough Shit?

A lot of readers will ride the point the Rep intended. But not a few will catch that bit about 71% of children in the US who cannot or do not have insurance. And that puts those opposed to SCHIP in an ugly position.


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