On voting machines and ballot boxes.

I expect the recent actions by the California Secretary of State to make a lot of noise soon.  So for a change I’ll try to beat the rush.

To put it simply, she got rid of most touch-screen systems.  the ones she recertified were done with severe restrictions.

I expect much of the same noise I heard two and four years ago about how, sure, the machines CAN be tampered with but…  well, all sorts of excuses that boil down to trust the officers at the site to prevent it.

Remember the ballot box for writtent ballots?  A slot on top.  Otherwise, locked and sealed.  The seal was as tamperproof as possible.  The lock had a restricted set of keys.  And additional requirements existed to keep the boxes from getting secretly stuffed.

The electric machines as they stand – disregarding the lack of a print record – are the equivalent of tossing the ballots into a laundry chute with an open basket at the other end, unwatched by anyone.

I’m glad California is tightening the system.  I hope other states follow suit.


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