This won’t be good

From the Union Trib in San Diego comes this gem. Here’s the nutshell.

Eight marines were charged with kidnapping and killing an Iraqi man, then conducting a coverup to hide the crime, all back in November of 2006.

Five of the marines pled to lesser charges in exchange for testimony or guilty to earn a reduced sentence. Three went to court martial (trial). All were sentenced to prison time ranging from time served (450 days) to 15 years. Two of the eight have completed their time served.

The commanding general of 1st MEF has released four of the remaining eight six from prison, and is openly considering releasing the remaining two — cutting short their sentences.

Men convicted of kidnapping and murder, men who lied to their fellow marines to hide this, are going to end up with not much more than a year and a half at worst. Because their commander said so.

The way this will play on the international stage will once more drag the US name in the dirt. It’ll say we don’t really care about the rule of law — that some animals are more equal than others.

I’m glad I wasn’t a marine – I’m not sure I could stand the shame.


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