GOP and Paul

What is it with the “official” GOP and Ron Paul?

I mean, I don’t think Dr. Paul has a chance but this is getting absurd.

He has consistently outperformed Thompson in every measure to include “the polls that count”.  But he’s at best an “other” spot on a chart, while Thompson is still considered viable.

Heck, in Iowa he came within a point of eclipsing McCain — the other Great Hope.

Hint.  He’s not going away.

Hint.  Keep ticking off his supporters and see them take vengeance in November.  Seriously – “anybody who isn’t GOP.”  Now I admit that he’s got the… what has variously been called the “black helicopter” and “militia” segments locked up.  But I don’t believe — I sincerely HOPE — that they aren’t 10% of the GOP voters.  That means that as much as 5% (more likely 3%) of US citizens are members of these organizations.  You may think that’s tiny, but I studied too much history and know how large that is when it’s all activists. hmmm, let me see if I can focus it.  Prior to the US Revolutionary War, there’s reason to believe the active anti-British portion of the population was a lot less than 1%.  Oh, a lot of grumblers about portions of the issue, but activists…

3% — 5%…  That terrifies me to the depths of my soul.  Anyway,

I don’t think they all are.  Not least because many of his supporters appear to be ‘grumblers’ who’ve caught fire.  Paul is the GOP candidate who is against the war — which lets people stay GOP and still oppose the war.  Paul is the person saying the current financial situation is terrible and needs fixed — and even though his route is not wise when fully examined, it’s at least not “oh, we’re just a little slow right now.”  And so on, and so forth.   But those people are exactly the reason why Paul shouldn’t be being shunned by the GOP like it is.

Because if they’re told they’re “not really Republicans”, they’ll quit being Republicans.  And whether they go third party, Democrat, or just decline to vote it’s bad for the GOP.


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