On McCain

With the scandal that’s breaking, if McCain becomes the GOP nominee the message from the Democrats becomes easy – and ugly.  “McCain – more of the same.”  Background words being Bush, Iraq, Economy, and now Keating.  Mr. Squeaky Clean was such to redeem himself from his Keating errors.  This bites him.  Hard.

There’s a current flurry of stories on the left that Huckabee is going to benefit.  Maybe, but not easily.  McCain has already won over 900 (final number pending, but estimates range from 910 to 950) delegates, and needs only 1191 to win.  It’ll take a while for the true believers to accept this story, I think.  And that means McCain will reach the magic number.

On the other hand, Huckabee DID stay in.  And he’s been willing to gnaw before.  Even better, this hits in his storyline of moral godliness.  I think it’ll help, just not enough – but it’s not a lock.  We’ll see which way it’s all going to play by watching Texas, I think.


2 thoughts on “On McCain

  1. I think you might be stretching a little bit here. Allegations of an affair… that may or may not be true… But remember, this is the country that RE-ELECTED a man who denied impropriety when there was a sperm-soaked dress as evidence. A man who said “I did not inhale”. And this man is STILL spoken of today as if he was a godsend to the American people.

    I have no idea if McCain cheated on his wife. So far, I haven’t seen anyone produce any evidence. You think it’s going to wreck his lead with the delegates? Couldn’t this POSSIBLY be a campaign smear that was perpetrated by someone intentionally to try to kill his lead? I don’t know, compared to the scandals of other Republican politicians, I’d take a good, old-fashioned affair. At least he isn’t a megaphone-mouthed homophobe caught up in a gay sex scandal, or was found in a hotel room with a 14 year old girl.

    Somehow, when Republicans fall from grace – even just allegedly, it’s the end of their careers. But when a democrat falls from grace, they practically get a pat on the back, and are revered for being “human”. And that’s a category I won’t put any politician in.

  2. Cassidy, reread what I said. Not one word about sex. Not one word about cheating on his wife.

    What I did mention was Keating.

    The hints of an affair are the sizzle. It’s the fact he’s repeating his Keating issue – doing favors for his good friend the lobbyist — the good friend who just happens to like him well enough to do these favors — that’s the big deal.

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