Science fiction fighters

Finally realized an analogy – why “space fighters” makes me twitch.

They’re not fighters.  They’re dinghies.  Powered smallboats.  It’s possible – in fact, it’s probable – that they can get greater acceleration (up to pilot tolerances) than the heavy ship that’s carrying them.  But their range and capacity are very limited, and using a motorboat as the analogy best demonstrates the problem.

Depending on the weapons available and some of the other mechanics I can probably justify small craft in certain situations.  But as force projection or flexible defense?  No.  Not without a significant handwave to explain why smaller craft can have significantly greater tolerances for inertial compensation AND greater acceleration AND enough endurance to matter.

hmm.  You know what?  I might be able to do that.  If I’m making magic drives for interstellar travel anyway…


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