Rush Limbaugh may have crossed one line too many.  We’ll see — it depends, not in small part, what happens over the next couple of months, and especially at the Democratic convention in Denver.

As the left-side blogistan has pointed out a lot recently, Rush advocated for a riot at the convention.  Three different sessions, so far, though one was to claim he wasn’t advocating but dreaming.  Sadly for him, there’ve been more than a few court cases where trying to claim “I didn’t mean it THAT way” didn’t fly.  Well, maybe sadly.

I doubt – unless he keeps pushing – we’ll see any criminal action.  If he keeps pushing it, things change.  And if there IS a riot in Denver, all bets are off.  At that point Rush is (potentially) guilty of a lot of charges from a lot of venues.  Ugliest for him is the fact he’s not in Colorado.  Colorado has laws against inciting riots.  So, too, does Florida from whence he broadcasts.  And the Federal government has a few objections to promoting interstate violence as well.

If he stops, it’ll probably just be noise.  I don’t know if he can stop, though.  In which case he’s not going to end up a happy man.


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