School Dress Codes

I was going to spin off more on yesterday’s post, but that’s at best 50% possible.  This…

One of the local school boards has decided to “tighten” the dress code.   Now, I could go on about the fact that there are no studies that clearly show dress code improves academic performance.  Or improves discipline.  Or, well, anything the dress code people usually say.  No, this one made the mistake of a bit of honesty.

See, the reason they’re tightening it is that they (publicly) said that the clothes the girls are wearing are distracting the boys.  Let’s examine this, shall we?

It is the girls fault.


The boy is never – or rarely – responsible for his poor academic performance.  His disruption of class is just another attempt to attract the attention of those brazen hussies.  Likewise the placing of sports over books.  And…

Ok, what tripped this for me was reading the letter several “concerned grandmothers” sent to the school board, which that board used as part of the justification.  To paraphrase, “Our grand-daughters are dressing like sluts.  Stop them.”  Actually, that’s not fair.  They weren’t just picking on their own grand-daughters, they were addressing all the girls.

We’ve got school systems that are in the bottom quarter of one of the worst performing states (academically) in the nation, and they want to spend money and effort on making them dress circumspectly.  No dresses, shorts or such more than three inches above the knee.  No “low-cut” blouses or other tops (and no, that term is not defined, so take it as “cuts that show cleavage”.)  No snug clothing on girls.  No baggy clothing on anyone.  Oh, and we had to cut another set of teachers from employment – no worry.

sigh.  That’s not my daughter’s school district, specifically, but it could be.


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