Day 1

heh – I’m borrowing from someone else who went through this.  Hopefully the end result will not be depressing.

depressing.  Last time I was unemployed, I was out of work for a year.  Well…  out of work.  I did yard work and painted houses and taught some basic computer skills and was a temp and, well, did anything I could to keep body and soul together.  I made several mistakes that caused the delay, and I’m going to list them here:

I didn’t start right away – and even once I started, I did not WORK at it.  Bluntly, there was a heavy factor of “oh, it’ll just drop in my lap” involved.  No.  Wrong.

I insisted on staying where I was.  And that, in a field where there are very, very few positions in any locality.  Communities have one public library system, and there just are not a lot of openings.  Today… actually, I’m spreading two ways.  First, I’m willing to relocate.  I’m still keeping certain financial requirements as I’m sole breadwinner (though my wife is now looking, we have to assume one of us will continue to be out of luck for a long time.  Or what one of us gets will be, again, body and soul sustenance.)  But I’m willing to move.  And I don’t insist on public libraries – or even libraries.  As I said last post, I’m an information research specialist.  I don’t know, but I can find out.

Amusing, that last.  I can find the jobs.  Getting them is a different skill – but I’ve learned a lot there as well.

You know, rereading all that, that was really the big problem that kept me out of work.  Insisting on a VERY narrow target zone, and then not working like a dog to be best in show.  yeah.  You can get by with one or the other at least to some extent, but not both.  this time…

I’ve already started the resume re-write.  I’ve had one on file for a few years now – and in fact was using it to apply for some director positions (as mentioned before).  Now, my mind is sharpened by the situation.

Networking has already produced an expert who is going to review my resume and help re-write it — possibly in two or three variations.  I’ve friends across the nation who are looking – they know what I can do as a researcher given things I’ve done for them or in their presence, and they understand my needs and wants (at least to some extent).

Today, I’m also gathering places to which to apply.  Oh, and my resume paper – sometimes pretty matters, and it doesn’t hurt most of the time.

Either later today, or certainly tomorrow, I expect to have a good resume assembled.  And that means tomorrow I get a LOT of resumes printed and mailed.  And then, I add them to the log, and start looking for the next batch.

This weekend I’ll do my wake for the job.

On the side… ok, one of my heaviest other pieces of advice was “do something you want to do”.  More appropriate, something that you’ve sorta wanted to do, but due to time or other considerations just couldn’t.  Me, I’ve got a few things I kinda want to get done, and one has moved up due to the (sigh) opportunity.  I’ll go ahead and write the book.  Oh, I’ll still work on the motorcycle.  I’ll shift my martial arts work to the back yard – when money is tight, spending that much (both for the school and for transportation) is one burden too much.  But my Big Thing is going to be the book.

After work.  Which is, for the next several days, getting a job.


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