Day 2

My head hurts.  I’ve spent all day taking my professional service and cramming it into some standard application forms.  “If its in your resume and should be on the form, we will ignore it,” say some counties.  riiiight.  Professional position experience for a professional position, and we want to fit ALL the the duties (yes, that’s what it says) of each position into a standard application form box.

The good news is that now I’m ready if it happens again.  Actually, the good news is that I don’t expect to get those two jobs.  If I do, great, but I’m probably overqualified.  (Nice thing about the weirdness is that I’d get as much money as I did despite the fact these two are “entry”.  The bad thing is that they are entry, so down the road it’s, “Why did you take a demotion?”  sigh)

Advice for other readers – I’m coming to really, really like LinkedIn.  And I’ll go so far as to suggest that if you keep a resume on file, you go ahead and set up an account here as well.  It’s free (well, the basic service is free).  And it’ll have you pegged before you need it instead of desperately scrambling to figure out where what belongs.  Even better, it lets you keep an eye on those who might compete for your job – which means you have an idea whether you need to speed up your performance a bit.

Wow.  That sounded pompous.  Here’s the deal – and I started too late, but won’t be that way next place.  I used to play World of Warcraft.  One of the things that made me a lot better player was the ability to see where I stood in terms of PERFORMANCE.  Was my healer more or less efficient than the majority, and compared to various specific individuals?  Where I found weaknesses, I’d study and improve.

If it’s important in a game, it’s important in real life.  So I intend to do this.  And I’m going to suggest you do it too.  In the long run it’ll help.

Two applications complete, lots of digging to ensure I have documentation for this and that claim, two applications probably ready to go in another hour.  Oh, and some musing on what I really want to do.  Not bad for a day.


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