Dr. Ivins

As you’ve probably seen in the news, Dr. Ivins committed suicide because he was going to be arrested as the person who did what Dr. Hatfield was accused of doing – sending out all that Anthrax way back when.  I’ve… got a problem.  No, not with the evidence that it was Dr. Ivins.  No, quite simple, really.

Since when do the authorities tell the suspect they’re going to arrest him several hours in advance?

Everything else works.  Heck, I can even see committing suicide rather than face all that – well, I couldn’t, but I have seen enough of the world to see it happening.  But I can’t see the FBI passing the word enough hours in advance for an overdose at home to be effective.

Somewhere, there was a passthrough that should not have happened.  It’s possible it was innocuous.  But it bothers me a lot because there are a lot of things in place to prevent that from happening.

So, how did Dr. Ivins find out he was going to be arrested?


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