On the job-hunt front

Lots of interviews this week and next, both exciting and frustrating.  They are both public sector (all but one libraries) and private, and range from skilled peon to boss.

I’m confident I will have an acceptable offer in hand before the month is out.  In all but two cases, this will raise some more fun and games, and I’ll talk about it in more detail as it happens.  As a foretaste,

I own a house.  Yes, I know a lot of people would say the bank owns a house and I’m on a lease-to-purchase plan, but that level of cynicism carries a lot of confusion.  Anyway, I own a house because I have four pets – two dogs, two cats – and it’s almost impossible to find a landlord who accepts that.  Now, as has happened to a friend, we’re on the cusp of saying goodbye to one of the dogs – she’s old, with all that implies – and we’ve been putting it off because, well, darnit, it’s HARD.  But we’ll “only” have one dog and a cat when we move.  Depending on where, I might be able to rent.  I’d like that, a lot.

Another factor in the move is my daughter.  I’ve bragged about her, I’ll do it again.  Smart (straight A’s in honors programs, pulled a “5” in AP Biology, wants to be an engineer (electronics at this time as MOST of the things in which she wants to be involved include that, but not committed there), and by the way a 2d degree black belt.  Anyway, the change will impact her schooling.  That will be… special, regardless.  On the one hand, there’s stability.  On the other hand, while there are a handful of outstanding classes here, the school in general has me screaming regularly.  (Can I tell you how glad I am for the confirmation scores of things like AP and PSAT?  It’s not just bright star in dim system with glow enhanced by my pride and prejudice.)  Depending on where and when, she’s willing to jump to another school immediately on my acceptance.  We’ll see, of course, but that’s how it is.

So, that’s the situation.  When it’s more than just interviews – when it’s an offer accepted – I’ll definitely post.  If there are some humorous or otherwise entertaining (horror, for example) tales, I’ll write about the trials and tribulation as well.


3 thoughts on “On the job-hunt front

  1. Good luck on the job hunt. I’m currently in a showdown. It’s been interesting.

    As for your daughter… Keep her in the loop. It’s your job, but it’s also her life. I am speaking from experience here, and it sounds like you have her best interests at heart. I was moved at age 17. I went from an exemplary school, with a 90% graduation rate (85% of them going on the college) to a substandard school system where I went from reading NOVELS in Spanish, to reading flash cards. Where they wanted me to drop math classes to take gym classes (when I had 3 varsity letters in 3 sports) and they didn’t HAVE the science classes I wanted (No AP Physics my senior year). This school had something like a 60% graduation rate, a special WING for classes just for teen mothers, and only 40% of graduates went on to college. I could have graduated high school with a full year of college credits thanks to AP classes, and instead, I got NONE. In the process, I resented my parents, acted out because of it, and spent all my energy trying to get into a decent college as far away from them as possible.

    Keep her in the loop – talk to her about the options, keep her part of the decision making process somehow, IF you choose to move, take her with you on apartment hunting/house hunting trips. Make her feel like she still matters and isn’t being packed up with the dogs and cats and moved. Her future is all she has right now, and this can impact that for her. It sounds like you may already know this, but after several moves with my family, they still didn’t get it, and that last one as the hardest of them all. Let her be a part of the process.

  2. Oh, I’m keeping her in the loop. It’s a pain here, but a move is going to be a pain as well. Every option under consideration has some improvements over the current in most regards. There are downsides, of course. It’s her junior year – Prom time with her boyfriend of the past two years. Yeah. (Joke we’ve made – the boyfriend is the only thing that anchors. If we could, we’d pack him along and leap for joy. We being the whole family.)

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