Job hunt update

I’ve avoided this subject because of the pain.  Last time I posted I was very hopeful – so many interviews, many that looked GOOD…  I got told “no” by every single one of the places at which I’d interviewed all on the same dark Thursday.

Yeah, I know, it happens.  But all at once, all at the same time – in one case, the “call incoming” started as I was saying goodbye to one of the places.  Ugh, what a series of body blows.

I’ve had an interview that will probably – hopefully? – lead to a job offer next week.  I’ve another interview next week.  I’m SUPPOSED to have two more interviews next week, though both were supposed to have gotten hold of me this week, so I’m going to throttle the optimisim a bit.  But at least I’m not empty of opportunity.

I’d forgotten what a roller coaster ride getting a job can be.  I’m getting too old for ride in some ways.  Maybe a merry go round next time?


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