Controller, paused

I had pretty well figured out the controller – I was in the middle of drafting out the program for the PIC chip. (Didn’t know which, yet, but the idea…) So as a break I started doing a web browse.

I may still work on this, but it’s going to be ‘too little too late’. There are Playstation 3’s wands. And there’s Microsoft’s ‘Project Natal‘. I think the latter is potentially the most interesting, but I foresee it being the most difficult to make successful. Either, however, blows away what I was doing. sigh.

I want to see how Natal works for a player who is sitting down for long periods of time. That’s one of the problems with the Wii, after all. On the other hand, Natal is allegedly sensitive enough to detect a finger moving, and if that’s true it resolves a LOT of secondary issues – like pulling a trigger in a first-person shooter. (Sensitive enough for me to signal trigger vs button? Microsoft seems to imply the answer is “yes.”)

We’ll see. I’ll keep poking at it, but the project’s slowed a touch.


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