xbox 360 controller info

Sorry, guys, this is mostly for me. It’s not really the controller itself, but some info for which I’ve been searching. I’m sticking it here for swift and easy memory.

There are five holes to connect something to the controller. The center one is a fairly standard 2.5mm audio socket. When looking at the pin it’s a mono, not stereo, peg. The base is ground, the center is speaker, the end is the mic. Codes are:
a1 ground
a2 speaker
a3 no speaker load
a4 microphone

The other four pins are for data entry systems. Numbering left to right when the controller is upright:
1 – Ground
2 – Data 1 (UART)
3 – Data 2 (UART)
4 – VCC (+3.3 volts)

Now I actually found the above fairly early. The problem is figuring out what the data table is like for the data lines. And for that I ran across a chatboard disassembly article.

The single most critical thing I discovered from this article was that the chip in the chatboard is a PIC16F883. Other than that the board is surprisingly clean.

I’ll be watching for what codes it’s sending, but may actually have stumbled across my critical info element for the brailler controller.


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