Project list

I just totted up all the things I’ve got in various stages of work.

Top priority is still getting a steady reasonable income, be it getting a job or getting this business off the ground. Beyond that…

I’ve got a motorcycle (1983 Suzuki GS850) in a state of disassembly that needs put together.

I’ve got two Xbox 360s just about finished repairing – they’ll be done tomorrow and I’ll be getting paid for them in a handful of days, but they’re still work in progress.

I’ve got two mechanisms I’m sketching out for later build. A is the brailler – a device that will first be done with the Xbox controller, then expanded to the computer, and finally as a bluetooth attachment for various portables. (For those tuning in late, I’m tired of fatfingering thumbpads, and the xbox entry screen drives me mad.) B is a replacement controller for the Xbox 360 – a left ‘stick’ and a right ‘pistol grip’ using a tilt-board to replace the joysticks.

I’ve got a concealed carry harness I need to take to the next stage. It works in fabric (model test), the next stage is full product test. (Works under gym shorts and t-shirt as well as under a suit.)

I’ve got two games, both somewhat overlapping. I’ve got the MMORTS. I am also trying to get at least the basic process of converting AV:T to play on the Xbox 360. My programming skills are old and weren’t that good to begin with.

In fact, that last statement answers many of the reasons so many of these are behind. I know a little about a lot of things, and for most of them I’m having to expand my knowledge. The designs seem sound. Some of them may even end up with small niche customer bases, making them worth going into production. In the meantime, however, there’s a lot of crap laying about the house.


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