Why Xbox 360?

Someone asked me why I’m doing my controller for the Xbox 360 instead of, say, the PS3. Two reasons – one practical, one philosophical.

Practical – I own the Xbox 360 but not the PS3. Kinda hard to test for one I don’t have. (There’s a fair chance I’ll get one, of course. I have a PS2 and a Wii. shrug.)

Philosophically, I think there’s a tiny chance the device will sell. If so, I think the XBox market is better. sigh, that needs a bit of breaking out.

There have been more PS3 units sold than Xbox 360s. Counting all registrations, there are more in Nintendo’s group than in Microsoft’s. BUT… Xbox Live has generated over a billion dollars of sales, while Nintendo’s program has gotten less than $200,000. The excuse that Xbox also gets money from the people paying to use the service is poor thinking. How many people will pay if/when Nintendo makes a pay tier? Based on what I’ve read about quality and such – not as many.

Philosophically, I think the cliche “That’s where the money is” applies. (By the way – not said by Willie Sutton. A reporter ‘created’ it as part of an interview.) I don’t really notice my problems when playing against the machine. It’s when I’m facing other players that my frustrations shine (so to speak).


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