Tamiflu – ask for it by name

WE have a pair of sick puppies. No, wrong tense. We HAD a pair of sick puppies. The Vet did the fecal test and it came up PARVO.

I’ve been through this song before, and even if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars (unemployed, remember?) you’re probably going to lose the puppies. Or at least that’s my past experience.

Last time I went through the game I did research (again), and discovered there was a possible hope. Some vets were experiencing great benefit from Tamiflu. As it happened, along with the other medication (antibacteria for secondaries, anti-emetics, and stuff for hydration) he prescribed Tamiflu.

A week later, a hefty amount of effort, and while more money than I really have available less than I COULD have spent, I have two puppies that are to most appearances healthy. They still sit or sleep a bit more than puppies do, but not by much — and it’s been less so each day for the past couple of days.

I cannot promise it will work for you. The AMVA considers the use of Tamiflu both still under testing AND has other concerns about its use. From my point of view, however… If the Vet hadn’t done the test, then I’d have just suspected a bad flu. We only had a couple of bouts of vomit and diarrhea, and the fever stayed mild (peaking around 103.2 or so for both). Based on this, I’ll recommend you ask your vet about it if you face dogs with Parvo.

Tamiflu. Ask for it by name.


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