Showing off, advertising, etc

My daughter made more money this week than I did. Yeah, I’m still looking, but she’s also been looking. In these times, jobs for high schoolers are taken by folk like me.

She wanted to get something that would feed toward what she wants to be down the road – an engineer. Like I said, times are tough and, well… she decided since that wasn’t happening she’d put her skills down and run with what turned up.

What turned up is that she’s getting money to do artwork. Portraits. What you see below are two things she’s done on commission. She’s working in charcoal. She’s done more, but agreed to put these up for display. If any of you happen to know someone who is interested, have them send me an email and I’ll get them in touch. (She works from pictures, mostly, especially with folk who have trouble sitting for much time at all. That happens to be true in both the items below.)

B & S
Prom Friends


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