I would like to see an independent investigator assigned to the issues raised by the Joint IG offices in regard to the President’s Surveillance Program. Yes, it would be politically ugly regardless of the result. But it’s a canker that needs cleaned.

I’d like it to be done right. Done right means step one is identifying if any laws were broken. Sad as it may seem, a lot of crap can be done that is legal. I abhor much of what I know of the PSP and feel it trampled the rights and expectations of this nation’s peoples. But it may have been ‘legal’. If it was, we need to know so we can make future tramplings illegal.

If the trampling was illegal, then I’d like to see perpetrators identified and tried. But that’s step two, not step one. Was a crime committed, and only if so who did it.

It’s my hope this happens. It’s my expectation that it won’t – even if an investigation happens, it’ll be tangled and stupid (even if it’s not, there’ll be such a cloud of manure in the air to confuse and obfuscate that nobody will really know.) But I’m naive in some ways – I can still hope.


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