Web Comic recommendation

About three months ago I stumbled across Goblins. For a handful of episodes it seemed another bit of a lark, making fun of many idiocies of D&D. Then a character died and I discovered it mattered to me. Tricksy authors are… worth reading.

Primarily, the story is of a group of (at first) standard D&D easy meat goblins. Along the way they decide they’re tired of being training meat for new adventurers. They become adventurers themselves. It’s been a great ride. Oh, and though the reader (at least this reader) will find questions of good and evil (and right and wrong, and friendship, and a bunch of other stuff) coming to mind while at it, there’s no real moralizing. No heavy-handed lectures or banging of drums. Just a story of some people moving through life.

The first story of the archives is here. The author/artist tries to get a new page every week, and has been doing so pretty well since June of 2005. Thank you, Tarol Hunt. Nice comic, I’ll stick around for a while.


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