About 6 or 7 years ago, I complained. My complaint was that I was tired of all the people saying all liberals were like Code Pink (and others of the same stripe). That’s a small subset, I’d say, crazy and rude and NOT LIBERALS. They’ve hijacked the label.

Moe Lane was one of a handful who gave me good advice. Paraphrasing, “If you don’t want to be identified by the crazies in your group, get rid of the crazies.”

Over at Red State, Moe links to an editorial type drawing. It’s rather offensive. In case you don’t chase the link, it’s a person in a suit with a flagpin, wearing a KKK hood, and holding a … a morphing of a teabag and a noose hanging a caricature of Obama. Moe’s right, it’s offensive.

Moe is also right in his title. That’s how we see them. We see them that way because they have crazies amongst them for whom that is a very close if not exact reflection. Go through the news photo archives of the teabag sessions and the teabaggers that are attending the town halls and so forth and you’ll see them – they’re carrying signs that make it quite plain. No, it’s not all the teabaggers. I don’t know if it’s even a majority. And I don’t care because Moe was right:

If you don’t want your group identified by the crazies, get rid of the crazies.

I have an addendum to his advice, however. If you defend your crazies, don’t be surprised when everyone thinks you’re one of them.


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