Losing respect

In a recent post, I noted that I agreed with Moe that a political cartoon was ugly. If you follow the link from that post you’ll see much outcry and anger at being accused of racism. I sympathized.

I don’t sympathize any more. Nope, the site lost more of my respect. There’s a new political cartoon on the page that accuses someone of racism in equally ugly fashion. The poster is NOT Moe Lane, but it’s currently 5 and a half hours later, and more importantly Moe’s been online since then. So have some other front-pagers who were outspoken about the OTHER cartoon.

There’s a scripture out there about hypocrites. Something about a splinter and a log.

If I see a condemnation from the front-pagers in the comments by the end of the day, I’ll add an edit saying so and add a thanks for the integrity while I’m at it. Not an apology – it’s there, there has been time, and there have been posts from the front-pagers that tells me they’ve seen and not acted. But they will get the acknowledgment of fixing it


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