storing fresh herbs

OK, this boggled me. Specifically, I was boggled to discover people saying “use the cilantro/green onions/parsley immediately, or see it turn to green slime in your refrigerator.” ummmm, huh?

See, I store mine for up to a week. It’s fully crisp for four days, and I usually only have some wilted (not slimy) for the rest. So I went looking at what people are doing. And then I tried what they were doing.

And I said, “oooh. Yuck.” And then, “Hey, I have a blog. SHARE.”

You need your bundle of green herbs, a couple of paper towels, a bit of water, and a plastic grocery bag. Oh, and your refrigerator.

Pour a tablespoon of water across one paper towel. Yes, just one. Now overlap your two paper towels to form one that’s about 1.5 times ‘normal’ length (adjust for length of herb bundle). Lay your herbs in the middle and roll them up. You want the paper towel pair to be a bit longer than the bundle so nothing is sticking out when you roll it. Now place this roll in the bottom of the plastic bag, and LOOSELY roll it up. You’re not packing it in, just making sure most of the moisture is trapped.

Set it on the top shelf of your refrigerator. That’s it.

Again, I’ve had this last four days fine and usable at a week.

What doesn’t work for me? Wrap it in plastic or damp (or dry) paper towels only. Putting it in the “crisper” drawer with or without wrapping. (Oddly, my wrap in the crisper drawer also loses a day or two. I have no clue why.) Laying it loose on a plate or in a bowl and putting it in the refrigerator. If you bought it, leaving it in the original packing. All those? Yuck.

My way works for me, consistently, for soft-leaved herbs. Hopefully it’ll work for you as well.


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