Microwave Rice

I can hear the screams now. Ok, folk, pay attention, because I’ve learned how to make pretty good (not excellent) rice in my microwave. At this time in my life pretty good that doesn’t include worrying about a pan boiling over or burned rice because the puppies needed me RIGHT NOW or, well, basically that I can start and forget beats excellent rice that risks or includes all those and more.

Let’s start with the basic, then go to some thoughts.

1 quart glass casserole dish, without lid.
1 cup rice.
2 cups water.
Combine the rice and the water in the dish and cook for 11 minutes. YOUR ALTITUDE and YOUR PARTICULAR RICE may require adjusting this time a bit (more or less) to come closer to “done right”. This is what works for me using “the cheap stuff” white long-grain.

Notice something really, really strange. No lid. I used to make my rice in the microwave with the lid. It would boil over, and the rice would be tough and chewy and hard – depending on from what part of the dish I pulled it. Never, ever “done”. I had thought about it but not very much. The solution came from literally being waaaay to tired one day and forgetting the lid. “Hey, this rice is… right. wow.”

Obviously, when it boils over it’s not in the pan to be absorbed by the grain. So why do we normally keep the lid on when cooking it in the stove, anyway? To keep the steam in (and consequently maximizing how much water gets to the rice. Now take a look at your microwave – specifically the door. Notice it’ll trap the vapor inside. Evaporation isn’t quite as much of a deal.

I’ve gotten results comparable to electric rice cookers I’ve used in the past. I get the results with less mess, less effort, and one less ‘special pot’ I have to keep available.

If I’m making something special I still go to the stove top. But for most of my dishes that include rice cooked separately, it’s off to the microwave.

As my almost trademark digression, I want to say I’ve not tried this with brown rice. I will, someday. The only thing I’ve found that’s ‘low effort’ for that so far is the crock pot. 1 cup brown rice, 2 cups water, and about 4 hours in the pot works, sorta. (Again adjust time for your taste and experience.) I like brown rice, I just don’t like how long it takes to cook. And if I was free 4 hours before mealtime then 30-45 minutes on top of the stove isn’t that big a deal.


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