Yay. Because I caught the attention of someone else, I’ve tripled my readership. Hello, you two (grin).

Seriously, because I am suddenly getting a slight uptick, I thought I’d let folk know what’s going on in this here blog.

First, I’m a generalist. If it catches my interest, I’m going to comment. Add the fact I’m longwinded at the best of times to the fact that any issue has bright shiny complications, and you get a hint what’s going to happen (a lot). I’m going to write a lot, and I’ll meander off topic and back on.

Second, I’ve not been posting as much or as well. Simple reason, really – I’m depressed. Unemployment should not go 14 months (and counting). I’ve spent 14 of the past years as a librarian with a variety of specific duties. The library field is a hirer’s market right now: between jobs being cut due to lack of funding (cut-backs on taxes, mostly) and hiring freezes there are a lot of really good, really well qualified individuals out there looking. I’ve been to a LOT of interviews – enough that even five years ago I’d have been hired and done. These days I’m “number two” a lot. I’ve talked to acquaintances and learned I’m far from alone on this. I’m trying to do a number of things in addition to continue seeking employment in my nominal field but the simple fact is none have brought any success to speak of and I’m still eating savings. (I’m lucky. I’ve a wife who pinched pennies. As a result I’m not bankrupt despite paying for a house, still. We’re dancing on the edge to make things extend, but we still can last for a bit.)

Consequently you’ll get clumsy posts. You’ll get updates in my life that may be a bit personal. You’ll get periods of no posts at all.

The event that brought in my new readers has brightened my day, however. I like to cook – have done it for a long time, and almost went that route professionally. (Too much like real work, but still…) Having someone decide she liked my recipes and cooking remarks well enough to post them (twice, even) was a severe ego booster. Thus the flurry of cooking posts (though there are a few more in the archives.)

In light of the interest, I’m going to toss in more cooking. In fact, I’ve a particular bent I will be devoting more than a handful of posts to. That bent is soups. (OK, I warned you I meander. Here we go.)

One of the things I’ve contemplated in idle fashion was starting a restaurant. It’s a LOT like work, and the general track record for new restaurants is dismal – especially in an economic environment such as the present. And yet… Now around here there are a LOT of “home cooking” restaurants, so I’d get nowhere fast using that idea. There are a variety of specialty restaurants as well. But there’s one thing I actually do fairly well that isn’t here, and I thought I’d try it. I’d probably call it the Soup Kitchen.

I’d figured on having half a dozen ‘these soups always available’ and a short list of ‘today we’re having’ soups. I thought I’d pay a baker for some fresh breads every day, but the emphasis would be on soups. I’d planned on avoiding sandwiches and probably even salads. Specific competition would be the Panera Bread nearby. My preferred site, however, would massively make up for it. There is this medical center that’s been built. Nearby, a major hospital is (allegedly – no movement in a year and a half now) building a major extension for our area. That would be TWO places with, well, hospital food. The closest restaurant is almost next door – a mexican restaurant. The next one is a mile away – a BBQ place. At a mile and a half we get Taco Bell and Fazoli, and a mile past that we get to a small clump that includes Panera. Yeah, the opportunity is there PROVIDED the other hospital gets built.

I’m not going to do it – every analysis I do says that unless the other hospital gets built (and consequently brings in business) it’s not going to succeed – and in town it’s buried by too much competition for the current dollars. But wait, I have a blog.

As a consequence I’m going to write “Kitchen Soup” posts. They’ll always have a recipe (though it may be for underlying ingredients – I’m already pondering broth and stock). They’ll undoubtedly meander a bit. If I can squeeze the money from the budget I might even make a batch and post a picture.

And as always there’ll be posts on library-related interests and economics and politics and video wargames and occasional war stories (from my time in the army or working at a prison or other times of interest) and some of the other projects I’m nibbling upon and, well, my typical eclectic mix.

For the new readers (the handful of you) welcome. Feel free to kick off the shoes and sit for a while. Don’t kick the dogs and cats, but if you have to scratch where it itches I’ll pretend not to notice. (Nah – I might just laugh at you. Hopefully you have a sense of humor and can laugh as well. You’re welcome to laugh at me, too, when I display my humanity.)


One thought on “Hello

  1. Prince Hydrajak is also indulging in his love of the kitchen now that he is a “kept man”

    He even asked me today when I am going to win the lottery so he could go to culinary school. I told him to go ahead and take some classes!! I don’t mind having a chef in the house…

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