Run in circles, scream and shout

Pretty amazing. I feel as though I’ve run a million miles just to get back to here.

A bit earlier I made a comment about how I don’t fit here in the south. There’s been an incident recently that may give you an outstanding example. Here is a link to an article from Tuesday’s step – and we’re not done yet by any means.

For those not wanting to follow the link, a slightly different version of the same story follows.

The day before last week’s local football game (yes, local – this is the school my daughter attends) the school superintendent banned some signs. Specifically the signs through which the football players run as they enter the field.

Not all signs are banned. Just those bearing biblical scriptures of proselytization. Yes, it’s a public high school. Now the locals say this has been done for years. I know it hasn’t been every game – I went to a couple a few years back and the sign didn’t have a big Biblical passage on it. But it’s here now, and pretty strong.

And 500 locals turned out to complain about how the school district was stifling the cheerleaders’ and their right to religious freedom.

One of the reasons I am sensitive to this is that I’ve stood on the wrong side of religious bias in the past. It is SCARY. Heck, even if they’re not intentionally singling you out it’s more than a little uncomfortable to be in the middle of these people knowing you’re different and, well, the pink monkey always dies.

So in addition to all my other worries, I have to worry that my daughter, who for reasons presently immaterial has been telling other students she’s agnostic, is in the middle of this crowd. Yeah, my mind’s been a bit scattered.

And I had another interview in the middle of it, too. I’m beginning to be WAY to familiar with those. When you can honestly tell an interviewer “That is a very good question” from experience…. yeah, way too much time doing this.


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