Cheesy… I want to say goodness, but…

I’ve mentioned that one of my favorite comics is Schlock Mercenary. Now in the midst of this comic, Howard Tayler created a fast food: the chupaqueso. Then, in a fit of inspired (by what, we’ll refrain from guessing) imagination he decided what the chupaqueso was and created it for us.

For those who dare not look I’ll bring the terror here. Make a cheese crepe, then fill it as you would any burrito or crepe. Ummm, I’d better be clear about that cheese crepe. Take some grated cheese, arrange in a (more or less) circle in your hot skillet, melt it till it forms a bit of crust on the bottom, flip it so it browns the other side. Fill and fold swiftly or the cheese forms a stiff pancake (or burns if you leave it too long).

The browned cheese is excellent to some people and disgusting to others.

Now I’ve made a few of these (yes, I like them) but I’ve been thinking there has to be more one can do with them. And recently I realized there might be. I’m going to be doing some experiments with dishes over the next few weeks that are going to use the cheese crepe as a base. Recall that I am unemployed so will NOT be using the fine ingredients I’d like to use. Even so I can get some idea as to whether certain things will work…

See, I had this idea. Oh, goo, did I have this idea. What if I took a tender log of meat and roasted it till it was medium rare. I could then set up my ‘crepe’ (I really need to come up with a better word) made of… I think gruyere would be an outstanding choice here, some duxelle, and a slice of the tender beef, and create a lovely variation on the beef wellington (individual serving). For that matter, if I wrapped the beef in the crepe before cooking, then made the wellington in the ‘same old way’, what would happen to the crepe? What flavors and textures would appear?

I already know what happens if you wrap it around sliced apples – spiced or otherwise. It’s a dessert. Cheese and apples – what’s not to love?

The ‘tricky’ part for both the above (but a skill I have begun to master) is something Howard and his fans don’t do — turning up the ends to enclose the whole thing. Not a burrito or a wrapped crepe but a sealed (mostly) shell.

I will experiment. If I find one that’s excellent I’ll share. (To me the apples using a sharp cheddar ‘crepe’ are good but not yet ‘right”. It’s that browning that I need to deal with. Well, that and the fact it’s rendering out some of the fat which then sits with the cheese.)


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