PSA: FEMA for Catoosa County

OK, I’m aware than none of my regular readers is in this county. Still, someone might stumble across this site and need the information.

Because of the flooding, FEMA has established a site for flood damage recovery. If you are in Catoosa county and your property was damaged by the flood you need to see these people. Directions and what you need when you get there follow.

FEMA has set up in the Learning Center at Benton Place Campus. Click here for a map. To get there:

Get on Battlefield Parkway (Connector 2). Your intersection is Old Mill Road and there is a stoplight. For landmarks, Signal Manufacturing and a CVS pharmacy are on the two North corners. If you’re coming from the direction of Ringgold you will turn right, if coming from Fort Oglethorpe you’ll turn left. Either way, you’re going less than a quarter mile, just past the self-storage units. You will turn right into the county’s complex. All the buildings are a beige and red brick and all have green metal roofs. The first building on your right is the library, and the Learning Center is the building just east of it (just past it on the same road).

It’s open for FEMA from 8 am to 7 pm Monday through Saturday and from 1 pm to 7 pm Sunday.

When you get there, go in and follow the signs. You’re going to be asked a couple of times to show ID and what you need – this is not meant to stop you, it’s meant to get you to the people you need to see. See, in addition to the FEMA tables there are tables from SBA and the State and a few other organizations who provide assistance in situations like this.

What you need in addition to ID is the actual address of the place that was damaged and the date the damage occurred. If it was several days in a row the first date is what they need. If it was several different days they will want that, but again the first date is the important one.

I did not need their assistance, but went in to check the layout and process so I could add it here. All the staff with whom I met were friendly and seemed to be ready to do as much as possible. If you need it, get there.


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