On Obama’s Award

First, congratulations. I am going to admit my first thought was “why?” As in, “What has he done that had the committee select him?” I even went so far as to note that giving it at this point makes the award seem a bit cheap, and even taints Obama further with the ‘celebrity’ label.

I still think that. What I do NOT agree with is all the serious people saying he should reject it or give it back.

I’m noticing that all the calls for “reject” are people who don’t like Obama anyway. It’s not supporters, it’s opponents. There’s this internet concept known as concern trolling. That’s someone who, “with your best interest in mind,” suggests an activity that works against you. With that in mind I notice all these serious people in agreement with known opponents all saying Obama would salvage his integrity and image if he were to reject the award.

Wait. What?

Serious questions: Who would be pleased if he rejected this award? And would that pleasure translate to renewed (or even initiated) support?

Since the answers, respectively, are “His opponents” and “no,” I think we can put this to bed.

Should he have received the Nobel Peace Prize? In my opinion, probably not. Should he reject it? No.


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