Small snack

My wife likes pepperoni, but she likes it rendered. As a result we get something that’s a bit different – pepperoni chips.

I’ve got this tray for making bacon. It’s a microwave pan with ridges and grooves. I cover it with pepperoni and microwave it till I it starts to get quiet. Pull it out, pour off the rendered (and very spicy) fat, save the chips to a paper towel covered plate. Now they’re a bit fragile, but they’re undeniably pepperoni in taste.

They make a fun hors d’oeuvre base. I like to soften up cream cheese (heat lightly, stir in a bit of milk or cream) and stir in a handful of fresh herbs such as basil or oregano, possibly with some pressed garlic. Pipe this onto each chip. Finish with a halved (and pitted of course) olive.

Alternately, crumble them and put just a few into the cup of baked (and buttered) mushroom caps.

Now having said that I’ll note that what the love of my life likes is for these to be added to the top of her pizza (cheese and mushroom) as it comes out of the oven. Or used across the top of her baked spaghetti (I save a bit of the rendered fat and add it to the sauce in this case – makes a nice flavor addition.)

But it’s a different, quite good hors d’oeurve base I thought I’d pass along.


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