Gotta get a new computer

No, the one I’m using is fine for the work (and jobhunting) and browsing and writing and such I do. But I just found a game and this 7 year old box isn’t gonna cut it.

Actually, I didn’t find a game. I found a mod. It’s a mod for the PC version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Now we own that game but it’s for my daughter’s Xbox 360. I don’t play multiplayer much for a number of reasons but I found beating the single-player challenging and fun. And that was going to be it till I found the aformentioned mod. See, mods only seem to be available for PCs. And this mod…

Star Wars. Look, I’m a geek. And the first Star Wars came out as I was nearing graduation from High School. It’s imprinted.

Watch the video. If you’re a star wars fan and you like the various shooter games like Call of Duty, you’ll get the appeal.

And I’ve gotta get a new computer so I can play games. sigh.


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