Soup tonight

tonight was “leftover soup”. I had some leftover roast and potatoes, both of which I cut into half-inch dice. I caramelized a couple of onions I’d quartered and sliced, then added the roast, potatoes, and 2 cups of broth.

While it was heating I made a medium roux of a tablespoon each of bacon grease and flour, and stirred into the broth to both thicken and add taste. Finish was two tablespoons of grated parmesan and a teaspoon of fresh ground pepper.

I like soups – they’re so easy to make, and both filling and full of flavor.


2 thoughts on “Soup tonight

  1. That last phrase- full of flavor… what are we missing? PH makes soup all the time, after we eat a chicken (you know, whole ones from the farm) he uses the bones to make broth. Then he makes soup.

    And still, even with bunches of yummy, fresh ingredients, it still tastes like veggies and meat in warm water. It just never really tastes like a hearty soup…

  2. Cassidy, I’m going to guess the broth is too thin. Simple test: when you put the broth into the refrigerator does it turn to jelly or does it stay liquid?

    If it’s too thin the basic fix is to use less water. You can also add a bit of acid (vinegar, citrus, wine) to the water when you’re making the broth, but that’ll only go so far toward fixing the problem.

    A quart of water per pound of bones (and meat) is a decent aiming point. If you’re using bones from after cooking a meal, make it a pound and a half to two pounds of bones as a lot of the collagens have left in the meal you ate already.

    If that’s not the fix, let me know and I’ll see what I can figure out.

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