Baking Eggs

This morning’s breakfast was an experiment for me. I baked some eggs. Now I’ve baked them in the shells before – it’s a great way to make a huge mass of ‘hard boiled eggs’ for the Easter egg hunts. This, however, was a bit different.

I put bread into the cupcake tins. I put a small bit of sour cream, a light sprinkle of grated cheddar cheese, and a shake of salt and pepper in the bottom of each. Then I cracked eggs to fill the cups.

I ran the oven at 350 for 15 minutes. Not bad, but I’ve a few lessons for later.

First, I like my eggs with runny yolks – over easy when fried, for example. 15 minutes almost went past that in the oven. And then I went and forgot about carryover, so my third egg (yeah, yeah, 80 more calories for the egg, probably about 160 for the whole cup) was a bit further along – soft yolk instead of runny. So next time I’ll go for 12 minutes and see where that comes out.

Second, while the flavor was all right it didn’t ‘hit the spot’. Next time I’ll go with no sour cream and a sharper cheese in the bottom.

Third, I have to be a tiny bit more careful putting in the eggs – and maybe even lightly oil the cups. Some of the cups weren’t fully developed and as a consequence they didn’t quite hold everything. The tiny bit of spillover locked the bread cups to the pans. Oh, it was easy enough to remove (careful use of a knife) but I think the time of removal contributed to the carryover effect.

The time after this next one I’ll try a variation – baking in small ramekins. I ran across a cook who suggested a tablespoon of milk on top of the egg to prevent a ‘skin’ from developing where the egg is exposed to oven air. Not sure it’s really necessary but I’ll give it a shot. On the other hand I suspect the eggs will bind to the ramekins while baking, and that’s always a pain to clean. Still, I’ll give it a shot.

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