Counter-Terrorism, Counter-Insurgency thought

This will get more fleshing out over time, but I want to point it out before I lose the core.

The United States has specific experience in shutting down a terrorist, insurgent organization — and has done it to a degree pretty much everyone considers successful. I really think paying attention to the lessons from that success would be very useful.

No, I’m not speaking of the Moros, though that’s worth thought as well. No, I’m speaking of the KKK.

It took literally decades. There have been and still are times when the organization surges back to bits of power. They came very close to taking over large swaths of the US at various times. They were the bitter remnants of the losing side of a war, working in the shadows, dealing in terror and working to overthrow the occupying, illegitimate (to their eyes) government.

I see a host of places recommending hunting the Taliban to the last man, thinking we can eradicate them if we just push hard enough. I also see the belief we can do this in a mere decade. Both are, well, they’re wrong. The Philippines show this to some degree, but our experience with the KKK is probably a better view. That’s because the KKK shows the real problem; we’ve seen the enemy and he is us.


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