Wii controller instead of a health care post

Yaknow, I really ought to be writing the book as much time as I’m putting into these things. Any of the books. Ah well, it’s late and I wanted to add a bit of whimsy.

Much as I deride the Wii controller, it is still the only one that makes me think I could play a neat bit of fun. (Both the Natal and the Magic Wand controllers coming soon for other gameboxes have this potential, but I digress.)

I really want to see a game where spell casters have to make gestures, MAYBE with buttons in combination. Remember both wii sensors detect movement in all three axes, so… make an “S” and throw? or Pull? With left, right, or both hands?

And then the bonus – they’re not pre-programmed, they’re designed by the player? Set it so that, say, if C and Z are held simultaneously (or very close to such) then all movements from either or both devices are spells that ‘fire’ on pressing A or B.

No, it probably wouldn’t really work, and yet… temptations…


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