ugly bits recipes

Like I don’t have enough on my plate, I got another itch to scratch after a brief discussion with TaMara on her pig knuckles recipe.

I was going to use “poor people’s recipes” but, well, a lot of what was for poor people is now for the snooty (see recent fish cake discussion). While it’s still hilarious to chase that sort of thing, there are foods which were developed by the poor (who could NOT afford to throw away food) which are still… unless you were raised to eat them, learned to eat them, or have a strong stomach, these modern times the food is TRASH – OMG WHY YOU EATING THAT?!?!?

Like pig’s knuckles.

So I think I’ll be tossing the occasional ‘ugly bits’ recipe. Maybe pork jowls or head cheese. Beef tongue (though that sometimes slips into ‘poor made wealthy’) gets there as to hearts, kidneys, and livers of just about everything. Chicken’s feet, anyone? (Yum, actually – if done right.)

Let me point out you are probably NOT going to get these from most neighborhood groceries. You’ll need a butcher, and some ethnic groceries will carry many as well. I’m not going to tell you where to get any of these ingredients but will assume you know how and where to get them.

Just consider this your fair warning.


2 thoughts on “ugly bits recipes

  1. I’m so glad I could be an inspiration. And now I’m wondering about having your RSS feed if things like tongue and brain are going to show up. Yup, I remember Grandma frying up chicken feet. Ugh. Mom loves chicken livers. Now the local Asian market carries pig uteri – got any recipes for those? 😉

  2. A butcher, or a friend who raises such animals. We have lots of chicken feet to go around. One lady comes to get them to feed her dogs, who eat a raw, predatory diet. One lady gets some to make soup stock – she says the extra glucosamine from the legs makes a really healthy soup stock -and helps joint pain, too. Of course, with chicken feet comes hearts and livers, too. Delicacy to some, and dog food to others, but we don’t let those go to waste!

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