24 hour rule

The incident on Ft Hood reminded me I’ve not written of this rule, and I think I need to do so.

In any extraordinary event, unless you are involved in the incident (victim, decision maker, responder, etc) then for the first day you should probably ignore most of what is reported beyond the fact something happened.

It is reported now that Major Hasan was the sole shooter. He allegedly shot and killed 12 soldiers and one civilian and wounded another 31 people.

I said allegedly. He shot some of them, but under investigation is whether some of the bullets came from friendly fire. I lean to it being either this or that there was indeed at least one other shooter – 43 people shot? Assume a pair of 15 bullet glocks and even if he managed one shot per person he’s reloaded at least once.

There is at least some question as to motivation. Yes, he’s Muslim – he has been all his life, however, not as a recent convert. He’s not an immigrant – his parents were. Right now, given a lot of reports from family and people who knew him, there’s a fair case for it being driven by Columbine-type motives instead of anti-American motives. It may turn out to be Sudden Jihad Syndrome (I hate that term by the way. It demonstrates unthinking prejudice along the lines of assuming crimes by blacks are committed because they’re black.)

The trial will be a pain. The fact the shooter is alive, however, means we have a good chance of figuring out what really happened. It may indeed turn out that he did all the shooting and did it as a faith-based jihad.

But basing that on the information found in the first 24 hours is idiocy. Especially given the conflicting information that came out which still needs resolution.


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