AHCAA stop the presses

I’m going to stop trying to summarize the AHCAA. I’ve read the bill three times through, now, and think I’ve a pretty good understanding of much of it. That said, I’m not finding the time to WRITE what I’ve found. Since it goes to a vote tomorrow, I think I’ve failed the deadline.

There are some ‘hmmm’ parts I’ve not mentioned yet. For example, one source of paying for this is an additional income tax of 5.4% on household AGI of over a million (or individual over $500,000). Another is a tax on medical equipment.

That one needs some discussion as it’s getting a lot of bad press. ‘First taxable sale’ of medical equipment will get an additional 2.5% tax. If it’s for resale, it’s exempt. If it’s for health care service (ie it’s prescribed equipment being purchased by the patient) it’s exempt. That last sentence tends to get missed in the ranting. If I buy a thermometer, I’m going to have a tax. If I have to pay for a pacemaker the surgeons put in me, I do not have to pay the tax.

And the list goes on, and I’m going to stop. I may respond to questions or to false news that gets bandied about, but I’m done trying to get this out for general reading.



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