Senate Health Bill, a positive

I’ve got a lot of bad things to say about the bill, but there are some good ones. I thought I’d toss in a few.

Starting in 2010 (or when the bill is passed whichever is last):

1) Hospitals have to publicly list all charges for their services and products. Anyone who has been through a hospital journey and received an itemized bill can understand how fun THAT is going to be;

2) Insurance companies can only use 20% of group insurance premiums and 25% of individual premiums for anything besides covering claims. Any of the remainder that isn’t paying claims gets paid back to the insurance holders. Oh, a public report is required to verify this.

Now there are other things that take anywhere from 6 months to 4 years to go into effect. There are also a few other things that kick off immediately. And as I said there’s a lot that leaves me dissatisfied. But I have to admit those two elements have good potential to bodycheck rising costs.


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