Dinner tonight

Over at TaMara’s site, she’s writing of quick and easy meals – meals that are low effort and stress while you’re busy with holidays. I admire them – there are lots of good and easy recipes there. But today…

Today was a pain. Multiple interviews (and still no job, mutter), bills and medical issues to juggle on unemployment, stress…

There was a local sale. If it hadn’t been at a reputable store I’d swear they were unloading ill-gotten gains. Thus I was able to get tonight’s meal for a price I could afford, for quite good quality. The point is, This was tonight’s meal.

Broiled Salmon, baked potato with sour cream, peas with butter

Salmon and friends

That’s 8 ounces of salmon run under a broiler (the wife and daughter also got some), a baked potato (microwaved, actually) and some peas moved from frozen to hot. 10 minutes including set-up time of brushing salmon with lemon juice.

1 1/2 pounds salmon. Drizzle a tablespoon of lemon juice over it and spread to fully cover. Put about 4 inches under a broiler for 6-9 minutes till it’s “done” to your taste. (depending on your particular taste – my wife and daughter take it at 8, I like it at 6)

3 baking potatoes, washed, wrapped in plastic wrap, microwaved. You need to know what YOUR box does as it’s easy to overcook them. For me, these were 7 minutes plus 2 minutes of prep.

The peas, well, I’ve discovered that frozen are the next best thing to fresh. Use steam or the microwave to get them barely hot.

Some salt. Some fresh ground pepper. A sprinkle of thyme on the peas. Too much sour cream on the potato for “healthy”, but I’m losing anyway. A bit of butter in the peas.

12 minutes after I walked in the door from a very frustrating “we’ll call you” interview, we ate.

And I think most folk would have been perfectly happy to join us.

The bottom line here is you don’t have to be fancy. A lot of foods taste great just heated. A simple steak. A quick chef’s salad. Some ears of corn previously frozen for times like this.

Just a point to keep in mind.


3 thoughts on “Dinner tonight

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  2. > 12 minutes after I walked in the door from a very frustrating
    > “we’ll call you” interview, we ate.

    I’m not sure I believe that. I think it would take that long to get the broiler pan out, set up the fish, wrap the potatoes, etc. 30 min. would be more credible to me. Assuming the kitchen wasn’t a mess, not always a safe thing to take for granted.

    • I find I don’t care what you believe, I’m reporting what happened. Actually, thinking about it I wonder how poorly your kitchen is set up.

      Turn on broiler. Pull broiler pan (right next to oven) out. Add a cup or so of water to bottom. Pull out salmon and lemon juice. Unwrap salmon, cut into three pieces, brush with lemon juice, slice under broiler. Two minutes, max.

      Take five steps, open pantry. Pull out potatoes and plastic wrap. Walk ten steps and put all down. Scrub potato (15-20 seconds) wrap, set aside, repeat for each. Put all in microwave and start – it’s about seven minutes to be done. Get out frozen peas, splash with butter and sprinkle with thyme, set dish next to microwave. Potatoes out, peas for 1:30. They come out about the time the salmon comes out.

      It took 12 minutes. That you don’t believe it is fine – you weren’t there, you may or may not have set up your kitchen in efficient manner to blast through in such fashion, you may or may not have developed habits and techniques to make things overlap and process. Doesn’t matter – it happened.

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