Selfish Bastards

It appears we may not get a health care reform. Members of both sides agree it’s necessary, though the Republicans never did anything to fix it when they were in charge. Nonetheless, the first serious attempt to fix it in 15 years is again going to go down the crapper.

And it’s going to do so because of selfish bastards. Go read all the defenses: it’ll cost businesses or people this and it isn’t perfect and so on and so forth. Read them again:

“It makes me spend money to help my fellow citizens in need.”

“I’ve got mine, fuck you.”

Pardon me for existing. And when the time comes, as it eventually will, that you reach out to me for help, for that bit of caring that will make a difference in your life, remember this:

As you have sowed, so shall you reap.


One thought on “Selfish Bastards

  1. It absolutely kills me. If you have half a brain, you KNOW our health care system is broken. But your average joe, I don’t think, realizes how many people DON’T have health care at all. I know a friend that was self-employed as an engineer for a while – he went back to a corporate job for a while (until they laid him off) because he couldn’t afford health care – and he was working! People are so freaking ignorant about the true costs of health care, and that unemployed, self-employed and underemployed people sometimes have to choose between health care and food on their plates.

    There is no golden ticket here. There’s no magic solution. But so many people are SO afraid of change, that they’d rather keep the broken system we have, then dare try something different. And who is benefitting from our current system? Big Pharma, and the insurance companies.

    One thing I know, is that when I got to the vet, and I found out something is wrong, the vet gives me options and the PRICE of those options. OK, sometimes those decisions are different, we are talking about a dog, but I know up front, and I can choose. Health care should be as transparent. Why can my car mechanic tell me the cost of diagnostics, and the potential costs of repair up front, but my doc can’t? Why did my bill from my hospital stay for my c-section show one cost, then a HUGE discount because my health care company says “no, silly hospital, it only costs this much” I realize I benefitted from that, by why isn’t there ONE cost for a C-section and all the procedures that went with it?

    None of it makes sense. AT ALL. And sheeple are so content with this nonsense that they don’t want to change? Or is it that our politicians are listing to industry, and not people? OH, but nevermind, companies are now people. Pretty soon, they are going to have the right to vote. Or at least they are working to buy your votes from you.

    OK, I’m bitter enough for one day…

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