COBRA and unemployment

There’s a push to extend COBRA assistance for the unemployed. That’s good, I guess. It’s just…

OK, here’s the deal from my perspective. I hit the cap on unemployment benefits in Georgia ($330 per week) If it’d not been capped I’d have gotten about $500 per week, which tells you what kind of salary I was making. My COBRA would have cost $950 per month. With assistance I’d “only” have had to pay a bit over $600 per month. I’ve got a house I’m hoping to keep — add another $550 per month for that. (And seriously, where are you going to rent a place for that little, though I still have utilities and maintenance.) So COBRA and rent would between them leave me between $150 and $200 per month which I would have to spread between minor things to include groceries and utilities and gas for the car as I head for interviews and… Yeah.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my insurance for which this magnificent COBRA benefit would apply would still require my copays and deductibles.

COBRA just isn’t that good in my opinion, and even the assistance doesn’t help. Great idea, but too much resistance to the idea that those who need help need HELP.

Oh – yes, that’s below the federal poverty level. It’s also almost three times what Georgia places as a cap on Medicaid. Over $400 per month is too much income to get Medicaid as an adult in Georgia.

One thought on “COBRA and unemployment

  1. And people don’t want “change” because they don’t think the system is broken.

    We are so fortunate that I am still working. My salary alone will cover the house payment, and almost all our bills. We should tighten the belt more than we do, and we can, but PH sees the savings account and figures if he wants to buy ground buffalo for a recipe, he can. So we aren’t at full sacrifice mode.

    Fortunate that I am still working and can provide him health care.

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