The mic from earlier

I’ve been doing more research on the advanced mic. I keep thinking it’s already been done, but can’t find it. (yet – not the first time if I do that the obvious has eluded me for a while.)

The process is fairly widely known. Two mics, one pointed at the “good” noise, one away from it, and one of several techniques are then used to clean the ‘bad’ noise. And yes, there is more than one technique.

Thing is, most of them use external processors. Further, the times I see it for a headset, it’s people thinking of hearing it, not sending.

I think an “adequate” system can be built into a headset/mic that has two mics. This is particularly true given the output doesn’t need to be immediate; delays are fine. Now if the mic doubles for voice comms, especially voice synced with video, it might be a different story — dunno how much delay will be required. But I think a fairly small ROM, processor, and RAM chipset would do very well indeed.

At which point the real question is probably power. Recharging or replacing the battery every hour or less is bad. Doing so after 8 or more hours is good. Between is… it probably depends on the user, but longer is better. hmmm…. USB power cord? Two devices – from the computer and from a AC wall converter? Simplicity rules – it’s to be an APPLIANCE, not one more thing to mess with.


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