Not Dead Yet

Health Care Reform, not me.  Or more accurately the bill passed by the Senate, and by the House, that needs reconciliation (aka so both groups have the same bill).

The next big day is February 25.  That’s the day the President has set aside for Dem and Republican congresscritters to sit at a table and hammer out a deal.  He’s invited both parties to bring their ideas to the table.

The Republicans have demonstrated their honesty already.  They requested the Dems not bring the bill that they passed.  They requested that some actions be pre-emptively removed from the table.  They then said they wanted a clean table, no previous material on the table — “start over”.  They were going to boycott, and may still.  Unfortunately for them there’s not a good way to do that at this time and still look like they’re working FOR the public.

That’s because of the Anthem (among other) rate increases.  You know it’s bad when Fox News interviews Anthem (well, representatives of each) and the complaint is not “why did you raise” but “why NOW?”  In particular, why now when HCR isn’t dead yet, and your actions resurrect it?

It may happen.  God, I hope so.

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