A bit of sammich

This is my favorite cast iron skillet – a Wagnerware deep number 8. Ignore the number; it’s a ten inch skillet that’s just over 3 inches deep.  I picked it up, rusted, at a garage sale for 25 cents.  No, it is not an antique, just a bargain.  The loaf of bread beside it is the sourdough loaf I baked in my favorite skillet. I think I’ll save a digression on making sourdough for later.

Cast iron skillet and loaf of sourdough, fresh from the oven

This is supper, made from the loaf of bread above.  Slice two slices from the loaf and broil/toast both sides of each.  Slather on some brown mustard and put a layer of swiss cheese on each.  To one, add a layer of pastrami.  Back under the broiler till the cheese melts.  While that’s happening, spear some dill pickles.  (No, not stab them.  Quarter them lengthwise.)  Now pull out the dish, add a layer of sauerkraut, close, and slice.  Put slices of sandwich and pickles on a plate.  And remember, for a change, to take a picture of THAT, too, before everyone digs in.

Sourdough Reubens

Yep, that works.


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