Pointing out misogyny

One of the reasons I don’t watch much television is that I’m bothered by the misogyny and have plenty of alternatives.  Still, I’d like to point out a glaring example.

Crime shows.   Law and Order, CSI (anywhere), doesn’t really matter.  On more than 50% of the episodes the woman did the murder or is legally and morally culpable (accomplice, conspiracy).  If a woman gets more than one scene and isn’t a cop or the victim it approaches certainty she is either the murderer or the power behind the murderer.  (If  she’s a cop or other crimebuster it’s about 50% of the time.)

Now the initial reaction is to say, “but the criminal is the best part after the regulars.”  Immaterial.  Every episode has a couple of red herrings who get more than one scene (besides the reveal, of course).  That is, there are at least two, usually three, sometimes four people.  If one of these multi-sceners is a woman, you can make money betting on her to ‘place or win’.  Oh, there are exceptions, but over time…

And the reality is literally the opposite.  Arrested and even charged murderers are predominately male, and even as accomplices women are a significant minority.

Once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to unsee.  And in fact, you start noticing it in other places.  Racism has declined quite a bit — that black or hispanic on the show is not a guaranteed (or even high prob) guilty person.  (Though there are still some stereotypes going on…)  But women, women are evil.  Unless they’re one of the Good Guys.  usually.


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